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Comprehensive Training

Parents counseling, guidance & training program


This program for parents is as  important as that of training for children.  Training at home, will fecilitate the child to improve faster and building confidence in the child and also in parents.


Towards this goal, the centrehas following Activities

  • 3 Workshops in a year will be conducted to train the parents regarding special educational methods.
  • Individual counseling and guidance to the parent as and when required.
  • Meeting will be conducted once a year in each child’s home. Relatives of the child and  neighbors attend this meeting.  This program is very successful in changing the attitude of people around.  It had helped to accept the child with disability.


Active participation by the parents :

As a result of all the activities conducted for parents, we are happy that there is very good participation & involvement in all the activities of the centre by most of the parents.

Prathibha Kuteera – Demonstration by Parents

Supplementary Activities

Festivals celebration


The centrecelebrates National and Religious festivals every year – eg.IndependenceDay,Deepavali, Gowri – Ganesha, Ugadi etc.
These events are celebrated to expose the special children to various events like any other normal children.  In addition, learning of various skills also takes place like cognition; speech-language; motor and social.

Special Events celebrations


  • Teacher’s Day – 5th September
  • Children’s Day – 14th November
  • World Disabled Day – 3rd December


All these events are celebrated on a grand scale with full support from the parent group.  They take lot of interest in making the events look very colorful and also planned as an awareness program.

Complementary Activities

“NandanaVana” – a beautiful green garden.


A big garbage place ( 80X30 feet) next to the centre was converted into a very green place by planting grass and few decorative plants.  This garden is solely maintained  byManonandana Trust and children nurture the plants by watering and removing the unwanted shrubs from the garden area.


Development of materials: for assessment and devices to develop various skills


Manonandana technical team headed by Dr.KusumaBhatta, Founder of Manonandana Trust, has developed materials and behavior technique methods to develop various skills in children.

Assessment Kit


To assess the developmental level in various areas – Speech –Language; Cognition; Motor; Social and self-help skills; an assessment kit has been developed.  This is based on clinical experience, detailed study of development in normal children, various tests available in Indian version etc.  The whole procedure adopted in the battery of tests used at the centre is ecology based.


Materials for Pre-Writing Skills


The writing skills demands the acquisition of various concepts like direction, shape, size and mostly relationship between two characters, before starting the actual writing. This exercise is very important step for all the children, particularly the special children.
The Manonandana team has developed 15 characters to develop pre-writing skills.

Modification of Traditional Games


Many existing games help the children to develop many skills, particularly the social skills. Manonandana Team selected few traditional games like Pagade, Alagulimane, Chowkabhara, ChinniDandu etc. to develop various skills. Modification of these games are made to meet the needs of the children, like big enough to handle the materials, easily visible and attractive with simpler rules.

Development of Augmentative and Alternate Communication Devices


There are some special children who are unable to develop oral speech. For such children there is a need to develop an alternative communication system. The centre has developed many such aids – picture, picture-word, word sentences boards, These low cost electronic aids. These aids can also be used very effectively as augmentative system.

Innovative Works


Along with routine training for children, Manonandana Centre has also focused on the development of innovative teaching tools to develop skills.

Kaliyona Banni

Kaliyona Banni “ music – audio cassette is a tool for development of language in children from concrete to abstract level.
An audio cd in Kannada language was brought out by Manonandana Trust in the year 2003 based on the finding of doctoral thesis of Dr. Kusuma Bhatta.

Poems on various concepts like shape, size, vegetable etc(total 12 concepts) were scripted by famous poets of Karnataka – Prof. H.S. Venkatesha Murthy, Mr. Jayanth Kaikini and Mr. B.R.Lakshman Rao.
The music composition was by Mr.C.Ashwath, a popular singer and music director in the field of Sugama Sangeetha in Karnataka. The songs were encapsulated in a story format and narrated by Dr.N.Shiva Shankar( Prof – NIMHANS) and Smt.Aparna Vasthare. (Compere)

This cd is very popular as an educational tool to teach language for the children aged between 3 and 6 years in regular schools also.

Low Cost Electronic Equipments

Low cost electronic aids have been developed to develop communication and cognitive skills in children. Three aids were developed by electronic engineer from Vishweshwaraiah Industrial Museum Bengaluru for the concept given by Dr. Kusuma Bhatta. This program was sponsored by Social Banking Cell, Canara Bank, J.C.Road, Bengaluru

 Music – Yoga – Visual stimulation therapy for children with ADHD.


A combination of 3 types of stimulation which are in different mode (Music – Yoga – Visual) was developed as a tool.
This tool was administered to 23 special children ( with mental retardation & ADHD disorder ) for nearly 3 ½ years. It was found that this techniques will help the children to reduce hyperactivity and increase concentration. This can definitely be used along with other techniques, which gives very good results.

Human Resource Augmentation


Manonandana is a resource centre for graduate and post graduate students since the year 2000. The students undergoing courses in B.Ed., DMR, BA & MA (Psychology) BBM from Bengaluru City seek placement for their clinical work. Centre also received students from other Universities expansion – DMS college, Ujire & Alvas college, Moodubidire.

Awareness Programme


Manonandana Centre, from the beginning, has given utmost importance to creating awareness amongst the public regarding various disabilities found in children, their rehabilitative procedures, early identification, and preventive measures. Thus our slogan is

To know about disability and accept – itself a great help

Many programs have been organized in this direction over a period of 20 years

To mention a few
  • Display of banners in public parks
  • Distribution of pamphlets by hand and also through news paper.
  • Through various competitions organized at regular high schools for students as well as for teachers – like quiz, drama, essay writing.
  • Year 2017, June -Manonandana Centre organized a more intensive awareness program for high school going students. In this program there was display of 17 banners in the permises of the schools and screening of documentary film about Manonandana Centre.
  • This was followed by question – answer session.
  • 11 high schools were covered.
  • Total number of students who participated was 855.