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Rehabilitation Procedure : Comprehensive training for children

We have adopted holistic and ecology based method for giving comprehensive training to the special children.


This approach includes the following Activities

  • Special Education
  • Speech – Language – Communication Therapy
  • Physiotheraphy and Occupation Therapy

Cognitive Development


Cognitive Skill – Addition

Speech Therapy

Self Help Skill

Yoga Therapy

Playing “Nadanavana” Garden


  • Sports, Games
  • Music – Drama – Dance
  • Yoga

Pre-Vocational and Vocational Training
The training programme mentioned above is given to develop various skills:

  • Cognitive
  • Speech – Language – Communication
  • Motor
  • Social
  • Self – help

Base line in development of various skills for each child will be taken twice / year.  Based on the result, further planning of the activities for the children will be undertaken.